Google[x] – Smart Contact Lens Project

In their recent announcement, Google[x] revealed their latest project – a smart contact lens.

This however is more than just another tech foray, this technology has a real connection for me personally, the projects is looking at ways this can be used to measure blood glucose levels for diabetics.

smart contact lens

I have type 1 diabetes and know the pressures that regular testing puts on your life, the idea of my sugar level being checked every second by a contact lens assessing the glucose in my tears without the disruption of current testing methods is astounding!

Twin this with prescription lenses And a good smartphone app and were onto a winner!

I’m keen to see how technology advances in the health sector given other treatments diabetics also have to deal with, insulin pumps offer alternatives but to me seem restrictive and I would love to see more advanced products come to market for conditions that are becoming ever more common in the world.

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