Health and Wearable Fitness Gadget Round-up

It seems every gadget blog I read, or roundup of CES 2014 I see is full of fitness gadgets and health technology.  I find myself wondering if this is purely because its January and like every new year we are all full of best intentions to get fit and healthy, changing our lifestyles for the better.  Will we see this tech trend continue, or will it disappear like all those eager new gym bunnies vanishing from the changing rooms – only time will tell.

Fitness tech is now becoming ever more portable and unintrusive, this excites me and I have a real hope that this trend also passes to consumer based health products such as those for diabetes care etc.

Below are a few of my favourite picks from the gadgets either currently available or due for release in 2014:

Tao WellShell

Described as the world’s most portable, electronic isometric device, the Tao WellShell is a small gadget that allows you to exercise no matter where you are, car, plane, office etc. It allows you to make muscles contract in static positions.  Monitoring your activity it also twins with both iOS and Android devicesTao WellSheel and twinned smartphone app

Sensoria Fitness Socks

You read it right, socks! These are no ordinary socks, they are laced with technology and twin with a snap on angle bracelet that monitors your running performance to make sure your technique is up to scratch. This includes monitoring of cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution. I know all too well the injuries poor technique can cause, currently undergoing physio for a knee injury.


Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Gadgets are everywhere and the humble bathroom is no exception. The Kolibree smart toothbrush is a Bluetooth enabled device that tracks your brushing, including frequency, brushing time and zones. When your smartphone has its Bluetooth switched on the tracking data is transferred and stored in the twined app so you can easily monitor your progress and assess where you could improve your smile.


Finis Neptune MP3 Player

When I decide to get back on the fitness trail my first port of call in the dark British winters is the local swimming pool, and I have longed for the company of music to keep the motivation going. Some have tried and failed at producing waterproof MP3 players twinned with waterproof headphones. Finis has taken a different approach with their Bone Conduction audio transmission gadget which transmits the audio via the cheek bones into the ear canal, as with others it clips onto your goggle strap to keep it in place. I would happily add this to the kit bag.


There are many, many more examples of great tech particularly for runners and more serious athletes and I’m watching this space with a keen eye.


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