Kickstarter Project of the Week : SeeSpace InAiR

My latest Kickstarter project of the week is the InAir by SeeSpace.¬† It’s a gadget that allows the use of augmentation on your standard television set. ¬†Whilst watching your desired program you can use the system to get access to other information that might be related to that programme, such as watching the news and pulling up the same story from the Times website.

What it does though is layer the information so you can still see the main programme, with a 3D set this is a more desirable effect as the additional information can sit ‘in-front’ of the regular show and jumps off the screen more than with a traditional TV set.

The system can also be controlled via simple gestures via your smartphone or if you have a kinect you can get your true Minority Report on and swipe in mid-air to scroll and control the content – if that doesn’t appeal to your inner geek nothing will!



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