Sensordrone – Bluetooth Sensor

I love a good gadget and this one is no exception.  It’s a little bit out there and yes a big bit geeky, but the possibilities are endless in terms of it’s application.

The Sensordrone is available to buy today for $149.  It is a small device that would easily fit in your pocket alongside your keys or smartphone, it’s essentially a sensor for gas, light, humidity and a host of other things.

Think of this you can install an app that would use the output of the sensor as a breathalyser and the video below also shows it for simple things such as a stud-work finder for DIY jobs.

The software for the gadget is open-source so there should be a large range of ready made apps, although these seem to be in limited supply at present, or you can program them yourself, meaning the possibilities really are endless.

I am an avid hill walker and with the built in altimeter and barometer this could quite easily give me a simple readout whilst up the hills.

I can also foresee lots of application in conjunction with IFTTT – if the temperature is below a certain limit then change the light colouring in your Philips hue setup to give off a warmer glow for example.

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